Money-Saving Tips for Fall

You work hard for your money, so save some of it! You can reduce your energy bills this fall and winter by following these tips: Ask for a better rate…or get one by transitioning energy sources – Chances are the rates per kilowatt hour (or similar energy unit) are fixed, but you never know unless you ask. Call your energy … Read More

DIY Inspections for Furnace Problems and When to Call an HVAC Professional

With cooler temperatures approaching, now is the time to find out if your furnace is ready for another season. At R & R Heating & Air, we always recommend an HVAC professional conducting a full seasonal maintenance check. However, there are a few areas you may inspect yourself to find out whether you need a technician to service your heating … Read More

The Importance of a Maintenance Agreement

There is nothing more frustrating than a cooling system failure in the dead heat of summer…except maybe a heating system failure in the middle of winter. Home and business HVAC problems are a hassle (to put it lightly) since you have to schedule service to fix the issue and deal with an unplanned expense. However, if you have a maintenance … Read More

Portable vs. Window-Mounted AC Systems – A Comparison

If central air conditioning is not cost-effective or needs to be supplemented, two options you may consider are portable AC systems or a window-mounted unit. Here’s how they compare: The Initial cost Up-front, portable AC units tend to be slightly more expensive than window units of the same capacity. On average, you may expect to pay about $100 more. However, … Read More

Adding AC Ductwork: Solutions for Two-Story Homes

Older homes that have limited or no ductwork can still enjoy central air conditioning. “How?” you ask since there is little room for ductwork in the existing space. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…and closets may be the way. Repurposing Closets Installing central air in a two-story home that has little ductwork can make use of attic and closet … Read More

To Turn Off or Leave on Your AC? That Is the Question.

There are plenty of myths about air conditioner usage and how to save money. While the intentions behind them are good, bad advice can cost you money. One such example is the recommendation to leave your air conditioner running all day vs. turning it off when your home is empty. Which is better? Both and neither. Modern Climate Control To … Read More

Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

It’s only June, so temperatures haven’t reached their hottest yet. There’s still time to get a new A/C system before the real heat sets in…but do you really need one? If your air conditioner is getting on in years, the professionals at R & R Heating & Air can determine if it is more cost-effective to repair your existing system … Read More

How to Select Furnace and Cooling Filters

Air filters are very important to the health of your home heating or cooling system. By keeping particles out of your furnace or from clogging A/C condenser coils, they can maintain optimal performance. However, if a filter works too well, it can actually do the same thing as a dirty air filter—choke air flow to your heating or cooling system. … Read More

Schedule Your Commercial Cooling Service Now

If tenants or employees in your building aren’t already complaining about the heat and/or stuffiness, they will soon. Before temperatures rise and you can no longer avoid turning on the AC or swamp cooler, call R & R Heating & Air to properly prepare your commercial cooling system. What Cooling System Start Up Means What service your commercial facility needs … Read More

Why Spring Is a Great Time for Furnace Maintenance

With low temperatures rarely dipping below 50°, you’ve likely had your home heating system off for weeks. But spring’s arrival is not the time to forget about your furnace. On the contrary—spring is a great time for furnace maintenance or replacement. Low Demand Can Mean Savings Spring can be for furnace manufacturers like the model year-end is for car dealers. … Read More