Why Spring Is a Great Time for Furnace Maintenance

With low temperatures rarely dipping below 50°, you’ve likely had your home heating system off for weeks. But spring’s arrival is not the time to forget about your furnace. On the contrary—spring is a great time for furnace maintenance or replacement.

Low Demand Can Mean Savings

Spring can be for furnace manufacturers like the model year-end is for car dealers. Many manufacturers want to unload the last of their units before sending suppliers new ones for fall. That means homeowners looking to replace a furnace can potentially strike big with off-season sales.

No-Stress Repairs or Installation

If you wait until fall to finally decide your furnace needs repairs or replacement, you face the hassles that come with the heating busy season and the possibility of a very chilly home. You can avoid all the inconvenience by scheduling repairs and/or replacement when you do not need your furnace. You’ll feel really smart when all you have to do, come first frost, is adjust your thermostat.

Who to Call for Furnace Service

R & R Heating & Air is your best choice for home furnace service. Our HVAC technicians are among the most experienced in the industry, and we are a Bryant factory-authorized dealer, so we offer great deals on top-quality home heating systems. Contact us today for a heating system inspection and free estimate.