DIY Inspections for Furnace Problems and When to Call an HVAC Professional

With cooler temperatures approaching, now is the time to find out if your furnace is ready for another season. At R & R Heating & Air, we always recommend an HVAC professional conducting a full seasonal maintenance check. However, there are a few areas you may inspect yourself to find out whether you need a technician to service your heating system sooner rather than later.

Duct Inspection

One part of your home heating system you may begin to inspect yourself is the vents and ducts. First, wipe off dust or cobwebs. Then, you may want to remove the vent covers to get a better look. Using a flashlight, look as far as you can into the ducts to see if you notice any debris build-up, sagging, spaces between joints, etc. If you’re able to view ducts from above or below (attic or crawl space), you may check whether the insulation provides adequate coverage or if it is

missing or deteriorating in places.

Admittedly, DIY duct inspections are limited. A full inspection requires flexible video equipment. R & R Heating & Air have the equipment and can perform duct inspections independently or as part of duct cleaning service.

Furnace Inspection

Homeowners may inspect their own furnaces. The trouble is that we can easily tell you what to look at, but it’s harder to explain what to look for. Here are some pretty obvious maintenance issues:

  • Dirty/clogged air filter
  • Frayed wiring
  • Yellow/orange pilot light

When you turn your heating system on, if it cycles on/off frequently or doesn’t respond to thermostat controls, these are additional indicators that your furnace needs service.

Gas Leaks

If you have a gas-powered furnace, when the system is on, if you smell gas, turn off the system and immediately call R & R Heating & Air. Gas leaks are serious health and safety hazards. You must have a technician with the right training to complete the repairs.

DIY furnace inspections can be a dirty business. You can save yourself the hassle by calling R & R Heating & Air first. We perform thorough inspections that can ensure a comfortable home all winter long and minimize repairs costs through proactive maintenance.