Money-Saving Tips for Fall

You work hard for your money, so save some of it! You can reduce your energy bills this fall and winter by following these tips:

  1. Ask for a better rate…or get one by transitioning energy sources - Chances are the rates per kilowatt hour (or similar energy unit) are fixed, but you never know unless you ask. Call your energy providers to inquire about possible rate reductions. Nationwide, consumers who take this bold approach save as much as 10% on their annual energy bill.If no one’s budging on pricing, find the lowest rate and find out what appliances or mechanical systems you may convert.
  2. Add weatherproofing to your windows - When cooler temperatures set in, keep them outside with weatherproofing film and/or thermal curtains or blinds. Allow natural light through south-facing windows throughout the day to help warm your rooms.
  3. Set your thermostat for maximum energy efficiency - An empty room does not have to be cozy, but if it gets too cold, it takes a lot of energy to (re)heat once you’re home. So, for maximum energy efficiency, set your thermostat about 10° cooler than your preferred temperature during the day when everyone is at work or school. For sleeping hours, set your thermostat for 60°-67°, the range shown to best initiate sleep.

Ensuring your home heating system is performing at peak efficiency will help reduce bills, too. Call your residential and commercial HVAC technicians at R & R Heating & Air for seasonal maintenance service.