Schedule Your Commercial Cooling Service Now

If tenants or employees in your building aren’t already complaining about the heat and/or stuffiness, they will soon. Before temperatures rise and you can no longer avoid turning on the AC or swamp cooler, call R & R Heating & Air to properly prepare your commercial cooling system.

What Cooling System Start Up Means

What service your commercial facility needs depends on the type of cooling system installed. For facilities with evaporative cooling systems (swamp coolers and/or chillers), start up service will likely entail:

  • Reconnecting power and water lines
  • Checking belts and motor function
  • Checking pads for mold or other signs of deterioration

For facilities with refrigerated air conditioning systems, seasonal startup maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Checking filters and refrigerant levels
  • Checking thermostatic controls

If any part of the system requires maintenance or replacement, we can perform most work on-site.

Why You Need Cooling System Service

Technically, you can start your cooling system without the assistance of an HVAC professional, but there’s a risk. If you start your system without an inspection and/or maintenance of system components, you could be setting yourself up for sub-par performance and/or expensive repairs. You may not notice cooling system issues until a few months’ utility bills show poor energy efficiency…or everyone inside is sweating because there is simply no cooling happening.

Convenient Cooling System Service

R & R Heating & Air makes our commercial customers a priority. If you have an HVAC maintenance plan, chances are we’ve already contacted you to schedule seasonal service. If you’re not a maintenance plan holder, contact us. We can usually schedule cooling system start-up service within two business days, and we can show you how a maintenance agreement can save you even more.