Residential Leak Detection

When you find a damp spot in your home, your first concern is identifying the source of the leak. Some leaks are obvious, causing immediate and severe water damage as they flood your home. Others are slower, developing over time, but they can still lead to significant damage. If you suspect you have leaky plumbing anywhere in your home, call R & R Heating & Air for our leak detection and repair services.

Common Sources of Leaks in the Home

Pipes, water heaters and appliances can all develop leaks over time. Leaks are especially common around joints, which can wear loose over time, or in pipes that are exposed to cold winter temperatures. Over time, pipes and water heaters can also corrode, especially if there is a high mineral content in the water. High pressure can also lead to bursting pipes and water heater valves leaking.

All of these things may be responsible for leaks in the home, and identifying the root cause of the trouble is crucial to resolving the issue before the damage has a chance to spread further.

Time is of the Essence

Left unchecked, even small leaks can develop into major problems. Water damage can lead to mold, wood rot and structural problems. If the leak develops under your foundation, it may cause extensive foundational damage to the home. Identifying and repairing leaks quickly is the key to preventing further damage.

Detecting Hard-to-Find Leaks

Sometimes leaks can develop within your walls or under the foundation of your home. Rather than cause unnecessary damage breaking down your structure to search for the leak, we utilize Ultrasonic Leak Detection Technology to find the exact location where the leaking began. This allows us to minimize the amount of tear-down necessary to access and repair the leak.

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