Residential Refrigerated Air & HVAC Conversions

Convert your swamp cooler to refrigerated air conditioning with the HVAC experts at R & R Heating & Air in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We provide flexible financing for your refrigerated air conditioning unit, along with no-hassle warranties to back our quality craftsmanship.

Why Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Over the past 10 years, overall temperatures in New Mexico have increased. The temperature from your swamp cooler is too humid and hot to provide comfortable, safe temperatures. If it’s more than 90 degrees outside, a swamp cooler is outside of your comfort range. That’s when R & R Heating & Air’s cooling services are needed.

Swamp coolers are also unsafe for those who suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies. Converting to refrigerated air conditioning improves the indoor air quality in your home, improving allergy symptoms.

Refrigerated air conditioning also improves the safety of your home since you do not have any open windows with an air conditioning unit.

Qualified HVAC Technicians

Fitting the right air conditioning unit into your current HVAC system takes the knowledge of a qualified HVAC technician. The technicians at R & R Heating & Air are NATE-certified to ensure you are receiving quality work designed to maximize the efficiency of your cooling system.

No-Hassle Warranties

R & R Heating & Air is committed to quality craftsmanship. To prove our commitment, we provide 1-year warranties on all parts and labor and are proud to honor all manufacturer’s warranties. Ask about our extended warranties on refrigerated air conversions.

Flexible Financing for HVAC Installations

Since HVAC installations are a major investment, R & R Heating & Air is happy to provide flexible financing to offset the costs of installing new air conditioning.

FREE Estimates for our Work

R & R Heating & Air provides FREE estimates for our HVAC services. Our estimates are honest and accurate, and our team will never try to sell you products and services you don’t need. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

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