Can I Turn on My AC without Getting Seasonal Maintenance First?

In the greater Albuquerque area, temperatures can go from winter-cold to summer-hot in the space of a single day. That means you may need your AC sooner than you thought to keep your home comfortably cool. But what if that time comes before you’ve had seasonal maintenance? Can you turn on your AC before it’s been serviced for spring?


The short answer is: yes. You can turn on your AC. It should work, the question is how well.

After months of disuse, debris can clutter your outdoor unit, impurities can collect in the internal filter, among other issues. And that reduces the efficiency of your AC unit, so you use more energy to cool your home. For an afternoon or two, that might be the price you pay for immediate comfort. But if your system works and you simply neglect seasonal maintenance, you could be paying hundreds more in utility costs over the summer than you would with a well-maintained AC system.

Why Would You Skip Seasonal Service?

Although your AC system will work before it’s been inspected and cleaned by an HVAC technician, you still need seasonal maintenance. There are just too many benefits to ignore, including:

  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Extended useful life

Seasonal service by one of our experienced technicians takes less than an hour (if no major issues are detected). Contact R & R Heating & Air today to schedule AC service.