Three Boiler Maintenance Steps You Cannot Avoid

Although used less in new commercial construction, boilers were once the best choice for commercial heating systems. Their size and integration into the building’s infrastructure make them extremely cost-prohibitive to replace. That leaves many schools, multi-family residences and some offices with aging heating systems. But they can still work efficiently if properly maintained.

To keep your commercial boiler system in optimal working condition, make sure these maintenance services are performed regularly:

Checking the flues and vents

All HVAC systems, including boilers, rely on the efficient flow of air. Clear ducts, vents and flues ensure that the most warmed air reaches the rooms needing to be climate controlled and return cool air so that the thermostat can accurately gauge the temperature.

To make sure your building has proper air flow, air vents need to be cleared (as in not blocked by furniture, window treatments, etc.) and ducts need to be cleaned. You and/or your building tenants can take the steps needed to ensure air vents are open and unblocked. You will likely need professional duct cleaning to remove built-up debris, dirt, pollens and other contaminants, and R & R Heating & Air provides this service.

Checking the water level

As the name implies, a boiler creates heat by boiling water. If the water level is low, the system not only generates less heat, you can actually damage the boiler (and repairs are expensive, yet not as expensive as replacing the whole system).

If you or your maintenance team are able to check the water level and find it is low, the likely cause is in the plumbing leading to the boiler. Again, you should leave advanced troubleshooting and repairs to the experienced HVAC and plumbing professionals at R & R Heating & Air.

Lubricating the boiler

Boilers have a lot of moving parts, so you need to make sure all mechanical components are lubricated. This job is best left to technicians with experience working on boilers.

These maintenance checks can boost performance and extend the useful life of your boiler. R & R Heating & Air can customize commercial HVAC maintenance contracts to provide cost-effective services for boiler operations. Contact us to learn more.