Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC Together

No one looks forward to hearing that their furnace or central air conditioning system need replacement. Just one unit and the installation costs will run you a few thousand, so why in the world would you consider replacing both your heating and cooling systems at the same time?

Even if your R & R Heating & Air technician did not tell you that both your heating and cooling systems are beyond repair, there are very good reasons why if one needs to updating, the other does, too.

The Other Unit Is Likely to Follow Suit

Quite likely, your furnace and AC system were installed at the same time. If that is the case, then one system needing replacement is an indicator of what is to come for the other.

Even if one system has a few useful years left, a new unit may pay for itself in a matter of months because of energy savings. Home HVAC systems have continually improved, so even 10-year-old units do not provide the same energy efficiency as today’s systems.

A New Furnace May Improve AC Performance

Although your air conditioner does not much affect furnace performance, your furnace does impact your AC’s performance. So, if your air conditioner is the unit that needs replacing first, you should consider replacing them both.

Central air systems use the furnace blower and duct work to force treated air throughout your home. If your furnace is aging, you may simply not get the cool (or warm) air efficiently delivered to each room in your home.

You May Replace Both Systems with One

If you currently have a furnace and central air conditioning system, you may consider replacing both systems with a heat pump, which works for all seasons. Heat pumps are typically electric units, but you can get a dual-fuel unit, which provides improved heating performance when winter temps continually dip below freezing.

Two Systems, One Installation Estimate

Replacing both heating and cooling systems at the same time can also save you on installation costs. When our technicians make only one trip to your home and install and troubleshoot both systems, it takes less time than two separate installation appointments. And, as you know, time is money.

If your furnace or central air system is on its way out, contact R & R Heating & Air. We provide free estimates and honest assessments of your home HVAC system’s health. We can help you find the right solutions to improve your energy efficiency and comfort for the best price possible.