3 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

The arrival of winter does not (and should not) mean the arrival of unmanageable energy bills. There are a number of ways that you can reduce your energy consumption to keep your bills lower without compromising your indoor comfort.

Complete Seasonal Maintenance

The buildup of dirt and other contaminants throughout your HVAC system can really take a toll on energy efficiency. In order to maintain optimal efficiency, you need clean air filters, clean-burning pilot lights (for gas systems) and clean air ducts.

R & R Heating & Air performs routine seasonal maintenance, which we recommend having done before you really need your furnace. Still, better late than never. Contact us for heating system maintenance. Our technicians will clean and test your system and provide any recommendations for additional service that can boost energy efficiency.

Opt for a Natural Gas Furnace

Electric heating systems are very energy efficient in that all electric energy is converted to heat energy. However, it takes a lot of electric energy to produce the heat necessary to keep your home a comfortable temperature during the winter. You may do well to consider converting to a natural gas-powered furnace.

New gas furnaces have average efficiency ratings of 92%, meaning that 92% of the energy they consume is converted to heat. While that seems like a loss compared to 100% efficient electric furnaces, it takes significantly less gas to create that heat. That translates to lower utility bills. Plus, some gas furnaces may make you eligible for New Mexico Gas Company’s ENERGY STAR® Space Heating Program.

Know When to Replace Your HVAC System

No HVAC system lasts forever, and trying to maintain a dying system can cost more than installing a new (more energy-efficient) one. On average, if you spend 25% of the cost of a new home heating system in repairs of your existing furnace annually, it’s time to replace your HVAC system.

The Professionals At R & R Heating & Air Can Help You Determine If It’s Time For A New System Or Not. Contact us For A Free Inspection And Quote For Recommended Service.