Home Plumbing Tips

Owning a home is a big responsibility and comes with a lot of expenses. It is by far less expensive to maintain your home than to wait for major repairs. To avoid expensive plumbing work, keep your eye out for problems and have a professional plumber inspect your system, too. Here’s what we suggest:

Semi-Annual Professional Inspection

Have a professional plumber from R & R Heating & Air visit your home every six months to inspect your system for problems. Many small issues can be taken care of on-site. Other issues may require some repair work, but small repairs are easier, faster and less expensive compared to major plumbing overhauls and water damage mitigation that can result from waiting too long.

Monthly Visual Inspection

Between pro plumber visits, visually inspect your pipes and drains. Look under sinks and around faucets for dripping and/or puddles. These are signs of leaks, which are better taken care of sooner rather than later.

Everyday Drain Care

Clogged drains are some of the most inconvenient (and messy and smelly) residential plumbing problems. You can prevent them by watching what you allow to go down your drain or garbage disposal. Never use your drain to discard:

  • Grease and/or oil
  • Fibrous food scraps (like carrots and celery)

Do not use chemical drain cleaners, either, as these corrode pipes, causing a whole other set of problems.

In the event, you experience any plumbing issues, contact the plumbing professionals at R & R Heating & Air right away. We offer emergency service 24/7/365, so you never have to wait long for home plumbing help.