Is a Ductless Heating System More Energy Efficient Than a Furnace?

While newer furnaces are more energy efficient than their earlier counterparts, you can’t beat a properly maintained ductless heating system when energy efficiency is your primary goal. If you are replacing an older furnace or other system, switching to a ductless system can save you a lot of headaches, and more importantly, money.

Top Energy Efficiency Ratings

Ductless systems allow you to control different zones in your home separately, letting you heat your busiest spaces while not wasting heat in others. While controlling these zones, a ductless system can more efficiently speed up or down because they use variable speed compressors. This allows them to adjust room temperatures without the electricity-intensive cycles found in electric furnaces.

Ductless heating systems also have a higher HSPF, or heating seasonal performance factor, compared to conventional ducted heating systems.

Less Energy Waste

Ductless heating systems also deliver air more efficiently than a ducted system. Ductwork systems may contribute up to 30% energy loss through leaks and cracks; this energy wastage is eliminated when you are no longer rely on ductwork for treated air distribution. Saved energy translates into saved money every time you pay your bills.

Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your wallet. Contact R & R Heating & Air for an estimate on a new ductless heating system and talk to our experienced HVAC technicians to learn more about potential monthly and annual savings.