5 Ways to Cut Costs while Staying Warm this Winter

You can reduce your energy bills and stay warm during the winter. Here are five DIY strategies that can help you maintain indoor comfort and manage utility expenses.

Maintain Your Heating System

To keep your HVAC systems working at optimal efficiency, schedule a seasonal maintenance service visit from R & R Heating & Air. Our techs troubleshoot, tune-up and do minor repairs before prime heating or cooling season begins so that you know you’ll be comfortable when it does.

Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

Heat often escapes around portals to the outside world—i.e., doors and windows. When seals have deteriorated, drafts are the likely result. Instead of combatting a drafty home by turning up the thermostat, seal doors and windows using:

  • Window film kits
  • Oversized blankets (best if you can do without the natural light)
  • Rolled up towels or throws at the base of doors or window sills

If drafts are particularly noticeable, you may need to replace weather stripping around the doors.

Find and Seal Leaks

Heat can escape from your home through the smallest nooks and crannies. Often, they are tiny gaps that are easily missed during a quick visual check, like around electric outlets, phone and cable jacks, crown molding, etc. You may need to perform an actual leak test to find them, but once you do, fill them up to minimize heat loss.

Update the Fireplace

Old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces are quaint but not efficient. Consider replacing your yours with a safer and more efficient wood stove or gas insert. These wood fireplace alternatives supplement your heating system but minimize the backflow of cold air through a large open flue.

Adjust the Thermostat

You want your home to be comfortable, of course, but what’s the point of heating a house that’s empty? Lower your thermostat when everyone is away at work or school and before you go to bed. If you do not already have one, investing in a digital, programmable thermostat can simplify this strategy by allowing you to set multiple day part temperatures.

If You Need Help With Any Heat-Saving Strategy, Contact The HVAC Professionals At R & R Heating & Air.