Spring and Summer A/C Preparation

If you haven’t already switched on your air conditioner or swamp cooler, that day is coming soon. Are you ready? And by ready, we mean has your system been properly maintained for spring start up? If not, contact us ASAP for seasonal AC maintenance. Here’s what we do:

Air Conditioner Prep

For homes with central air conditioning, our seasonal maintenance includes:

  • Removing debris from the outside compressor unit
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Checking and/or changing the air filter
  • Checking thermostat function

Before our HVAC technician leaves, we make sure that your air conditioner is in good health so that you benefit from energy-efficient cooling all season long.

Swamp Cooler Seasonal Startup

For homes with evaporative cooling systems, our seasonal maintenance includes:

  • Reconnecting electricity to the water pump and fan
  • Reconnecting water supply to the unit
  • Wetting pads
  • Checking motor function
  • Checking thermostat function (if applicable)
  • Shut down of Furnace and Installation of Dampers

In the event that your system was not properly prepared for fall, your pads may be moldy and/or water lines busted because of freezing. We carry most swamp cooler components with us for speedy replacement to get your system up and running before we leave.